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Victor Mitroshin
His works amaze by perfection of lines,
meticulousness of performance. An impression
appears that the master manages to revive
metal and stone, having penetrated in their
unknown, concealed properties.
I never start working if I feel no inspiration, even if I’m in a bad mood or if I just have a great deal of fatigue… If there is no confidence in conception correctness, no love for a new-born image, no internal bent for work… A true sculptor is simultaneously a poet, a composer, and a philosopher…
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Maiden of Sun
Maiden of Sun Bronze. 20x8x25 cm

Maiden’s hair symbolizes Sun; opened arms — the Air; the sea shell reminds of Water element.

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Maya Bronze, gold. 60x22x58 cm

Maya Plisetskaya, the woman-enigma, the woman-legend. In vedic mythology ‘maya’ means transformation ability inherent to supernatural characters; in the post-vedic period — the divine woman of heavenly origin.

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Maiden of Moon
Maiden of Moon Bronze. 12x6x30 cm

Maiden’s hair symbolizes Crescent. The pose reveals introvert closeness preserving the special world — not the outer world, but internal — where secrets of subconscious depths reign.

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Nureyev Bronze, gold, jasper. 15x15x55 cm

It symbolizes the bright star, burnt in its flight.

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Golden Eagle
Golden Eagle Bronze, gold, jasper, enamel. 16x9x44 cm

Prize of the Cinematographic Arts and Sciences National Academy of Russia. Eagle is the embodiment of greatness, power, wit, force and intrepidity.

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Grand Prix Maya
Grand Prix Maya Bronze, gold, jasper. 13x60 cm

At all times dance was admitted as a magic, sacral action. This is a special language which helps the dancing person, rising on a wave of emotions and feelings, to communicate with the world of the supreme spheres, to feel unification with energy of the Universe.

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Cat Bronze. 30x30x15 cm

The sleeping cat symbolizes peace and repose at home, self-sufficiency and mystery.

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